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Know how Blockchain is disrupting your industry

  • The Get Started Package
  • The first steps for your company to explore Blockchain opportunities. The overall process takes a few hours spread across couple of weeks.

  • 2 Hours Executive Awareness
  • Because communication and strategy are key, we will explain why Blockchain is important, what it will change in your industry and why you are exploring usecases, opportunities and threats. This session is designed for your executive committee to understand the initiative and be able to communicate on it.

  • Half-day Training
  • A half-day session for business-leaders and people involved in the day-to-day operations of your company. The training will explain how Blockchain works and why it is such a big deal, but also teach how to look for the problems it can fix for your business.

  • Ideation Workshops
  • Our domain experts and consultants will moderate a usecases discussion between up to 10 of your team members. Each of these 2-4 hours session is worth weeks of internal research for most of our clients.

  • Usecases booklet
  • As a summary, we will assemble the relevant ideas we found around your business and explain what the next steps would be for each of them. The goal is for your company to have a clear vision of the opportunities you can explore, whether you choose to develop a product or only keep an eye on the developments in the field.

  • DeepDive Workshop
  • Conduct deepdive hands-on workshop on Blockchain, its potential applications, relevance to business & potential impact.


Internationally recognized Blockchain Certification

Blockchain is today at the cusp of a huge revolution. Need for certified Blockchain professionals is going to grow at an exponential rate. This is the right time to invest in an internationally recognized Blockchain certification by Block91.

Our subject matter experts, with combined decades of experience at the highest levels in their fields, speak your language and are proficient at finding real-world solutions to complex problems.


Partner with us for building a Blockchain ecosystem

If you are academic campus, we are very excited to share with you an opportunity to be connected with the global Blockchain ecosystem and work on joint Research and development projects, have student exchange programmes, Faculty development programme. Sign an MoU and partner with us in the development of next generation Blockchain protocols and application development.