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Partnering with leading ecosystems across the globe in bringing marquee events in Blockchain.


As a member of Block91 Blockchain community, you get a slew of benefits including regular meetups with Thought leaders, invite to Blockchain events at discount price, forum to network with peers and a ton of resources.

Choose the type of Community membership...

  • Block91 Community Evangelist
  • Block91 Community Evangelist is a very active member in our community, takes initiatives to conceptualize, co-ordinate and execute Blockchain community initiatives

  • Block91 Community Ambassador
  • The Block91 community ambassador can be on a college campus or a in an organization championing the cause of Blockchain and supporting the Blockchain community initiatives.


Insights, networks, policy advocacy and mentoring needed to succeed and adapt.

Block91 Blockchain community is supported by a group of evangelists and enthusiasts with interest in Blockchain Research, Development, Use Cases, Products and Knowledge for the new Blockchained world.

We continuously engage with multiple stakeholders across Blockchain ecosystem and provide deep insights, advocacy and mentoring to succeed and adapt in the fast changing world of Blockchain.