Block91 is currently working on several solutions around Digital Agriculture using Blockchain. Our client, (based out of US and operating across the world) is a world leader in digital agriculture and agriculture traceability. It currently has several automated solution in the entire supply chain of agriculture products from Farm to Table. With blockchain gaining huge traction and being advocated as a game-changer in digital agriculture especially in agriculture product traceability, our client was keen on harnessing the potential of blockchain and show its thought leadership in the field by being an early adopter.

The role of blockchain in this kind of solution is to establish trust and credibility by using a system which is Immutable and serves as a single source of truth between all stake holders at various stages of the supply chain. The proposed architecture uses blockchain at the backend with multiple entities such as Farmer, Collection centre, Distribution centre as key stake holders. The choice of blockchain framework being used is Hyperledger Fabric which is an open source and Industry default for such case studies as Supply-chain management / Agricultural goods traceability.  Smart contracts shall be written to trigger actions, raise flags and notifications based on specific conditions/data/events.